Concierge Style Aircraft Maintenance


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Annual Inspections

We know a thing or two about aircraft maintenance, and it all starts with the inspection. We don’t cut any corners and will ensure that your aircraft is ready to fly before you take off.

  • Thorough inspections so you’ll know your aircraft is in perfect condition
  • Trustworthy and professional team of mechanics
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If you come to use with any discrepancies or malfunctions with your aircraft, our team of experts will be able to find the cause and get your plane flying back to normal.

  • Determine the severity of a malfunction or aircraft discrepancy
  • Eliminate the issue and replace and repair the necessary components
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Oil Changes

Keeping your oil fresh will help keep your aircraft running smoothly. Let our team of mechanics take the hassle out of changing your own oil.

  • Get rid of old oil and avoid lingering byproducts
  • Save yourself time with our oil change service
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Prop Balancing

Propeller balancing is the process whereby an electronic balancer is used to measure the vibration produced by the aircraft power plant.

  • Ensure your aircraft is flying at it’s optimal ability
  • Reduce wear and tear on your aircraft during your flights
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Come to Inflight Aircraft Maintenance for All Your Aircraft Needs

We provide the best aircraft maintenance experience in the Twin Cities Metro Area.
  • Experienced mechanics
  • Honest professionals who want to help
  • Clarity of expectations
  • Willingness to help answer your questions
  • Personable staff that is passionate about aviation
  • History of working with all types of aircraft models
  • Transparent, car repair-style services
  • Clear pricing