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Trever Rossini is the owner of Inflight Pilot Training and Citadel Aircraft Maintenance at Flying Cloud Airport (FCM) in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Spring is Here! 7 Reasons to Get Your Airplane Professionally Detailed

Detailing your aircraft isn’t so much cleaning as it is a type of regular, on-going maintenance. It’s a crucial practice in keeping your plane in tip-top shape, but it also makes the plane safer and prevents pricey issues like corrosion and fading, among other things.  Now that spring is here, we thought we’d share seven reasons to get your plane professionally detailed, so you can get ready to fly – let’s get started!

1) Rejuvenates Aircraft Paint & Reflectivity

Aircraft paint can chip, crack and fade over time, leaving you with a less-than-ideal exterior look. A cleaning, polishing, and waxing will bring back much of the original shine, keeping problems like increased porousness away. Additionally, with increased reflectivity and less debris covering the surfaces of your aircraft, your plane becomes that much safer when flying.

2) Saves You Money in the Long Run

As dirt, grease, dust, and other types of moisture accumulate on your aircraft surfaces, it can cause highly damaging issues like corrosion and oxidation. This can be a death sentence to an aircraft. When you get your plane professionally detailed on a regular basis, you can stop these problems before they take hold.

3) It’s Not a Quick & Easy DIY Project

If you have enough time and the right equipment, detailing a plane yourself is doable, but it’s still difficult for the average non-professional. Detailing an aircraft, even a small plane, is a labor-intensive process that requires specialized cleaning equipment and supplies, as well as knowledge of certain maintenance. And, because supplies like fiberglass polish and degreaser, for example, can come with a hefty price tag, you probably won’t save that much more money than working with a professional. With that being said, many local FBOs and airports have companies offer this service, and provide the ideal place to take your plane for a complete detailing.

4) Turns Heads on the Runway

One of the best parts of being a pilot is the friendly competition between fellow aviators. Pilots are always trying to outdo each other with the latest paint jobs, technology, engine upgrades, and so on. So, if you want to show off on the runway, a shiny paint job, and improved reflectivity are sure to turn more than a few heads on the runway. 

5) Refreshes the Interior

The interior of your plane can take just as bad a beating as the exterior – as such, it’s important to tend to the cockpit and passenger area with complete interior detailing. Detailing the interior may include tasks like conditioning leather seats, getting stains out of carpets and cleaning windows. 

6) Lengthens the Aircraft’s Lifespan

Not everyone can afford to upgrade their aircraft every few years – and not everyone wants to, either. With a professional detailing service, you can actually lengthen your aircraft’s lifespan and get more value out of your plane. Plus, any detailing shop that’s worth working with has all the knowledge to properly clean your aircraft, while at the same time, able to identify any other underlying issues during the process.

7) Protects the Exterior

Over time, exterior paint develops microscopic pores that can trap residue like oil and dust, among other damaging things. This causes the color and reflectivity of the paint to fade. Detailing helps de-grime the aircraft, keeping it protected from the elements. Some professionals even offer an upgraded exterior cleaning with ceramic coatings exactly for this reason. A thin layer of paint is shaved off the aircraft to reveal its original color and reflectivity, then a ceramic coating is applied to provide long-term protection.


For example, at Inflight, our detailing shop can improve the look of your plane’s paint job with our Ceramic Pro aircraft coatings. This product is a great option for preventing issues like corrosion, sun and ice damage, and fading while sealing off any porousness in the paint and providing total surface protection.

Premier Aircraft Detailing Services in the Twin Cities

We offer full-service, concierge-style aircraft maintenance services through our partner, Inflight Aircraft Maintenance. We’re located at Flying Cloud Airport (KFCM), conveniently located in the Twin Cities, MN. Get in touch with us to find out more about our detailing packages that will get your aircraft ready for spring and protect it from future damage. 

Contact us today or call (952) 698-3000 to speak with one of our service professionals.

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